Sunday, October 13, 2013

Pug Social!

Hello everyone, my name is Elvis. I guess this is my big introduction to this blogging thing. Scratch that, lets get to the goods.

Today was the Pug Rescue of New England's (Also known as PRoNE) annual pug social event! Let me tell you, it was pug galore. Much more pugs then last year...much more. I met new friends--I even talked to this she-pug in a pink dress. It was absolutely spectacular. But, if you are interested (why wouldn't you be?) let me tell you how this all went down.

My owners woke me up...EARLY. Listen, I understand the term 'early bird catches the worm' but this was more like torture. I ate some treats, drank some milk, the usual. And then she said 'the word'. You know, the word that gets you on your feet and ready to go? "Let's go bye-bye." were her exact words. I knew this wasn't normal--it's nine in the morning. I was suspicious, but I had to go...I wouldn't miss out going for a ride, even if meant I was being dropped of at the pound.

The ride was long. About an hour and a half if I was being courteous. Although, it didn't matter much because I was sleeping about half the way through.

The car stopped. It was a grassy place and we had to walk up this big long hill that seemed to take forever.
But then I smelt that smell. Pugs. Hundreds of them. Everywhere--anywhere I turned or looked, there was a pug happily sniffing my butt.

A person seemed to press an odd mechanism to my owners hands, and then we left. An urge of hatred spread over me. They brought me to puggy heaven, only to rip it away, out of my paws. They picked me up and placed me in the car. What's with them? Well, it was fun while it lasted, I suppose.

They parked the car in a familiar place that we went every now and then--it's a favorite of mine, actually. Dairy Queen, yum. I thought, I wasn't upset anymore, the sweet aromas of fries and chicken gravy flooded my nose until the scent was unbearable. My turn. And with that, my owner tossed me a rather large piece of chicken. I forgive you, ya know, about the pug thing. Maybe something happened and we had to evacuate? Oh well, whatever it was, my owners would never do me harm. So, once again, we were on the road. Driving an hour and a half to dairy queen? That can't be right. We usually drive twenty.

We arrived again at the moor-like place with the steep pavement hill. W-what? It can't be. But it was. It really was! Mom and my siblings showed the people at the counter their hands. Weird. I thought, not thinking anything of it. Pugs again, everywhere. It was like nothing I've experienced before. Of course, with the faintest memory I can vaguely remember last year's social. But I was just a puppy then. Now I'm a--Big dog. I wasn't talking about myself. Of course, I was a big dog, but he was a big dog. I looked at the giant St. Bernard sniffing a fence with awe. Whoa. I thought, staring at gargantuan canine. My owners pulled my along, guiding me through the waves of pugs. Big ones, small ones, skinny ones, fat ones, old ones, young ones, fawn ones, black ones--and then I saw her. A pug, the most beautiful I have ever seen. She walked across the field, looking my way! "Hey, I'm Elvis. You're hot." I said, smiling my dinosour-like toothy smile at her. "Um, thanks? But I'm a purebred. See ya." She said, and with that--gone. "Wait! I'm a purebred too!" But with the loud barks of several pugs it would be impossible for the beautiful black pug in the pink dress to hear me. I really thought she was the one. Whatever, she was just one of those mutts that was 'too cool' for my awesomeness. And--there was hundreds of other girly pugs. And they were much more beautiful then that mangy pink-dress one. More beautiful on the inside, anyway... I thought, looking at a scabby old lady pug that was making an awful sound that resembled a monkey in pain. My mommy took my leash and walked me over to a fenced in playpen. A man with a clipboard came and looked at my face. What's it to ya? I thought as he gave me a frown. He looked at all the other pugs until a woman took his clipboard and talked into an ice cream like device that made her voice sound very loud. "And the winner of the most wrinkly pug face is..." Wrinkles? Face? I've got it in the bag! I thought, but she never once said my name. Instead, an old timer with an ultra smushed in face with no wrinkles won. He was fat, grey and scabby. Not wrinkly. It's rigged. I thought and trotted happily out of the pen. A few minutes later, after peeing on several things and waiting until my owner decided to buy a car magnet that said 'Peace love Pugs' my littermate picked me up and steered me to a line of pugs that seemed to be waiting for something. A fat pug with an overbite was in back of me and I decided to say hello...bad idea. "Hey, what are we waiting for?" I asked, sniffing him curiously. "Mind your own paws, would ya buddy?" he snapped--and I mean snapped. He growled and barked and tried to kill me. Well, not kill, but he tried to hurt me hard...very hard. "Gee wizz pal, get a hold of yourself." I turned around, and mom picked me up into her arms and kissed me. We waited for about ten minutes until we walked into the familiar playpen I had been in earlier. My sibling held me and clipped off my leash. She held my harness until I heard the words 'go!' I ran, but then I slowed my pace. "What's going--?" I trailed off as I seen a crazy pug bugging his eyes out at me. "RUN!" He said, and I ran as fast as I could toward my mother as she yelled my name. I was fast, I pulled in front of every pug there was except one, I was so close to winning--I could practically taste it! But, he crossed the finish line before me. My mom snuggled me and praised me. Why are you praising me? I lost. I'm a failure. But it didn't matter to them. And that's why I love them. Because they're mad cool.

We walked down the steep slope and walked up to the silver minivan that we always drove. I was too tired to hop into the car. After running, smelling, peeing, and socializing, I was beat. My littermate scooped me up and gently placed me in the car.

And that was my day, I hope you enjoyed. =)